QSO 340 Final Exam

QSO 340 Final Exam

Author: Jean Brunner


Describe resource leveling and resource-limited scheduling.
Read the scenario below and then prepare a work breakdown structure (WBS) listing for this project with activities corresponding to a two-level task and sub-task structure. Format the WBS listing with activity item indents and WBS codes (such as a numbering scheme) that clearly identify the level of each activity. Provide columns showing the WBS code, activity, and the WBS code of the immediate predecessor activities.
The PMBoK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge) describes project integration as a six-step process. List all six of the process steps and provide a brief description of the purpose of each step.
A senior executive in a fast-paced, high-technology company is faced with making a decision on whether to terminate a troubled product development project. He knows from information received through the company's variance reporting procedure that the project is costing far more than expected, and the schedule has slipped so much that they may not meet a critical marketing time window. At the moment the development work is about half-complete, but the cost variance is -61 percent and the schedule variance is -42 percent. In addition, from summary reports he receives of design review meetings, he has the sense that there may be some difficult technical problems with the project.
Define a work breakdown structure.
Discuss the stages of team development. Address the process, problems, and level of productivity of each.
What are some essential skills for an effective project manager? How can these skills be developed?
Identify the three major categories of project costs and provide an example of each cost category. 
Define budget and management reserves. Outline the differences between the two reserves, and provide some examples of each reserve fund. 

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