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3 Tutorials that teach Qualitative and Quantitative Data
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Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Author: Jonathan Osters

This lesson will explain the difference between qualitative data and quantitative data.

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Source: Color bar created by Jonathan O, Pain Scale by Joseph G

Notes on "Qualitative and Quantitative Data"


(0:00-1:04) Define and give examples of Qualitative Data

(1:05-2:38) Define and give examples of Nominal vs. Ordinal Data

(2:39-3:13) Define and give examples of Quantitative Data

(3:14-3:30) Different types of data get different displays of data

(3:31-4:15) Recap


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Key Terms
Qualitative (Categorical) Data

Data that describes.  It can't be measured or used for arithmetic.

Quantitative (Numerical) Data

Data that is numerical.  It can be measured and it can be used for arithmetic. .

Nominal Data

Categorical data with qualities that cannot be ordered or ranked.

Ordinal Data

Categorical data with qualities that can be ordered or ranked.