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Qualitative and Quantitative Data!

Qualitative and Quantitative Data!

Author: Patricia Conlon
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Learning the Differences about Weather Data

Today you will be learning about the different types of weather data as well as the tools used in order to collect this data. To begin, you will click on the link below that takes you to the Glogster website. Once on this web-page, you will complete all of the tasks on the two pages, while writing down the results you get on each activity. 


The objectives that you are working towards are:

2.E.1.2: Summarize weather conditions using qualitative and quantitative measures to describe: temperature, wind direction, wind speed, precipitation.

2.E.1.2 Summarize weather conditions using qualitative and quantitative measures to describe: 
• Temperature 
• Wind direction 
• Wind speed 
• Precipitation

2.E.1.4 Recognize the tools that scientists use for observing, recording, and predicting weather changes from day to day and during the seasons.

Get to Your Activity!

To access the full Glogster, click HERE

Remember to write down the scores you get and any important information you get and bring to class tomorrow!


This the the Glogster that you should complete, make sure the site you are linked to matches the one shown below.