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Quarter 4 Progress Report

Quarter 4 Progress Report

Author: carolyn fruin

As a student, I must

  • understand myself as a learner
  • grow in my abilities to realistically reflect on my progress
  • be able to develop a plan for my growth
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Submission Objective

  • This is an opportunity to focus on learning/progress/growth (not points) in this class
  • The goal you write should be specific to this class, this quarter (measurable, challenging but realistic)
  • Think about challenges you may have (i.e. what's keeping you from achieving at a higher level?)
  • Start a plan to make it happen (what steps will you take to achieve your goal?)
  • Record any questions you may have for me (about your grade/progress, about the course, about the content, etc.)

Quarter 4 Individual Progress Reflection

Please take this opportunity to ask questions and reflect upon the first half of quarter 4 and the goals you have for the remainder of the term. In addition, please remember to review your student portal every day to understand your progress in each class!