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¿Qué hora es?

¿Qué hora es?

Author: Cinthia Johnson
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1. Present vocabulary.

2. Write your vocabulary for greetings and good byes as well as meanings.

3. Listen to the videos as many times you need.

4. Memorize vocabulary.

5. Write a conversation with a partner using greeting, introduction, tell time and good byes.

6. Practice your conversation with a partner.

Tomar notas (take notes)

Tomar notas (take notes)


Take notes!


1. You need to take notes of all the vocabulary and their meanings as well as any  culture taught in the videos.

2. You can stop and rewind anything you need to as many times as you need to. Isn't that great?

3. Also make sure to write down any questions you might have during the videos.

4. Make sure you read the lesson objective and learning targets so you know what I expect from you.

4. Your goal is NOT trying to understand every single word spoken or written in the videos, so don't get frustrated.

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¿Qué hora es?

Source: youtube

Uno, dos tres qué hora es?

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¿Qué hora es?

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Telling Time Notes


Telling time in Spanish is easy, when you take it step by step. Let’s get started!


    To ask “What time is it?”, we say ¿Qué hora es? (literally “what hour is it?”)


    To answer we might respond with a variety of answers. Look at the examples:

        Es la una.             It’s one o’clock

        Es la una y media         It’s 1:30

Son las dos y diez        it’s 2:10

Son las tres menos diez        It’s 10 ‘till three

Es mediodia.            It’s noon

Es medianoche.            It’s midnight.


In Spanish “Ser” is used to express time. Use “es” for one o’clock, noon, and midnight. Use “son” for any other time. 

        Es la una.             It’s one o’clock

Es mediodía.            It’s noon

Es medianoche.            It’s midnight.


    Son las cinco.            It’s five o’clock

    Son las once.            It’s eleven o’clock.

    Son las nueve.            It’s nine o’clock

The feminine article (la, las) is used before the hour because it refers to "la hora." 

Es la una.            It's one o'clock.
Son las dos.            It's two o'clock. 

Minutes can be added to the hour using the word y (and). 

Es la una y cinco.         It's five minutes past one. (it’s 1:05)
Son las tres y doce.        It's twelve minutes past three. (It’s 3:12)

Minutes can be subtracted from the hour using the word menos (less). 

Es la una menos cinco.         It's five minutes till one. (12:55)
Son las tres menos doce.        It's twelve minutes till three. (2:48)

You can also use the words media (half) and cuarto (quarter). 

Es la una y media.        It's half past one or 1:30.
Son las dos y cuarto.        It's quarter past two or 2:15.
Son las tres menos cuarto.    It's quarter till three or 2:45. 

To differentiate between a.m. and p.m. use the expressions de la mañana, de la tarde and de la noche. 

Son las dos de la tarde.        It's two in the afternoon.
Son las dos de la mañana.        It's two in the morning.
Son las diez de la noche.        It's ten in the evening. 


So, a formula for time might look like this: 

(Es/son) + (la/las) + (hour) + (y/menos) + (minutes) + (time of day)

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1. Profe will give you worksheets 


3. Practice as much as possible telling time. You have 40 pages BUT you DO NOT have to do all of them. Just 3 pages, you choose which ones.

Study for TEST


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Worksheet telling time "Military style"

Source: Mrs. Solis


Source: Mrs. Solis