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¿Qué hora es? - La Hora (Parte 1)

¿Qué hora es? - La Hora (Parte 1)

Author: Donna Mehta

After viewing the video, students will be able to tell time in Spanish on-the-hour and minutes after the hour (up to :59) using the "y" method.  The "menos" method will be covered in a separate lesson.  Students will also be able to state A.M. and P.M.

After this lesson, students will ultimately be able to use telling time skills to discuss their school schedule; specifically what time their classes start and end.

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"¿Qué hora es?" - Parte 1 Apuntes

Below is the sheet to record all of your notes as you view the "¿Qué hora es?" video. Download and print both sheets if needed. Write all the requested information for each expression. Be sure to bring the sheets to class so you may receive credit for their completion. The notes will be the basis of a class debrief/discussion.


Source: Donna Mehta, Microsoft Word

Telling time in Spanish - Explanation (Basic)

This video explains telling time; both on-the-hour and after-the-hour (up to 59 minutes.) It also explains additional expressions used when stating time in Spanish.

Source: Señor Jordan - YouTube Channel Subscription

A Ver Si Puedo

Answer the multiple-choice and open-ended questions to check your comprehension of the expressions and concepts introduced in the video.

Source: Donna Mehta, Google Document Forms

Más Práctica (con Sr. Jordan)

Practice telling time a little more with Señor Jordan. As he states each time, pause the video and either state the time shown or write it down. Then wait for Sr. Jordan to give you the answer. If you want even more practice, try the videos he references in this video.

Source: Señor Jordan - YouTube Channel Subscription