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¿Qué nos traerá el futuro? RealidadesIII Capítulo 6

¿Qué nos traerá el futuro? RealidadesIII Capítulo 6


Talk about careers and professions

Talk about plans for the future

Explain the impact of science and technology on our lives

Understand cultural perspectives on jobs and technology

Grammar sections are: Saber vs Conocer

The Se impersonal

The future tense  é,ás,á,emos án

The irregular form of verbs in the future,

The  uncertainty and or probability of the future

The future perfect tense

The use of the direct and indirect object pronouns

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Cognates Power Point

With over 4000 words that have similarities in English and Spanish, a new power point to illustrate this point is needed

Source: unknown at this time

Highlights/vocabulary/verb & grammar summary Chapt 6 Realidades III

A slide show that encapulates all of Chapter 6

Source: Prenticehall Realidades III

Alabaré Song that helps teach the future tense ( religious in nature)

Source: unknown at this time

Simple future tense Power point

How to form the future tense in Spanish

Future Irregular forms Power point

Irregular forms of future tense

¿Qué pasará? Pictures that you show the students, they figure out what happened.

PDF file full of funny pictures used to create situations in which the future tense can be used.



Chapter 6B vocabulary Power point

Power point with emphasis on 6B vocabulary

Source: unknown at this time

Projects from 2012 Stories- Caleb Sevier

Source: Caleb Sevier class of 2012