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¿Qué te gusta hacer?

¿Qué te gusta hacer?

Author: Jim Vaughn

Be able to express what you like and don't like to do in your free time, how often and with whom. This first chapter tutorial focuses on Chapter 3, section 1, vocabulary, grammar, and Q&A.

~~This tutorial is created to accompany the textbook Expresate 1. It will be used in an attempt to flip my classroom. This first tutorial will focus on grammar, q&a, and vocabulary for the first section of Chapter 3 in this text. It is also known as 3.1.

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This video talks about what there is to do in Barcelona in one's free time. This is a great resource.

Source: Youtube

Ch.3 Study Guide: Vocabulary and Structures

Spend some time each night reviewing the vocabulary and verbs herein. You must be accountable for the skit at the bottom, as well. Remember activities and classwork are for class. Videos and studying are for home. We are flipping things this term, bebé.


Source: Señor Roggio's class site

Flip It Good 1a. Activities for Chapter 3

These activities are to be done in class; not at home. Be sure to take notes on videos, write down questions, and review vocabulary each night as homework.


Flipped Video 1: ¿Qué te gusta hacer?

Watch this video and complete the VIDEO 1 series of tasks. (See handout.)
Goal: Be able to explain how to use gustar to explain what you like to do.
Be able to state 2 things you like to do and 1 thing you don't like to do.

Source: Youtube: Tonito Frito

Video Assignments: W,S,Q Universal Sheet

Complete the W,S,Q, items below as you watch the second video. The handout below can be printed out; or this may be done in your "notes" section of your binder.


Source: Cerebro de Vaughn

El Verbo Gustar- Podcast

Listen to this Podcast and complete W,S, Q, handout above. Can be printed out, or this may be done in notes.

Source: TICLE

Activities Guide Resource to Accompany Audio Podcast

Teacher resource: some of these may be used in class as task-based, communicative activities.


Source: TICELE

Flipped Video 2: Conjugate Querer

Corresponds with information on page 90.

Source: Tonito Frito

Listening Practice---Listen to other people's Likes