Quick GCF and LCM Review Lesson

Quick GCF and LCM Review Lesson

Author: Kim McCorkle
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View the following videos.

You may wish to have paper out to work the problems with me. If you are unsure how to find GCF and LCM, I suggest you write the problems as I present them, pause the video and make sure you worked the problems correctly.

Greatest Common Factor Review

LCM Review

Practice Sheet

Go pick up the sheet that looks like this from the front table. Take out 2 pieces of notebook paper and complete the sheet, front and back. You must show all your work ON NOTEBOOK PAPER AND NOT THE WORKSHEET! Be sure to number the problems on your notebook paper.

Full Screen

What to do when you finish

Staple your work to the practice sheets.

Make sure your name is on your work and place it in the "in" bin.

Click the house at the top of this page, click "groups", click on our group. 

Start the "Order Matters" Tutorial - follow along just as you did for this. 

The Order of Operations Tutorial is meant to take a couple of days. Read all directions carefully. You will be graded on your work AND HOW WELL YOU FOLLOWED DIRECTIONS!

Watch the video below before you move on!

A video to show you how to get to the next tutorial!