Quote Weaving

Quote Weaving

Author: Alec Weir

After viewing this video, students will be able to compose phrases that provide context and dialog verbs that introduce a quotation in a body paragraph.

Quote weaving is all about context. It’s easy enough for you to find evidence for you to support an argument, and to explain the connections between your evidence and argument. These are the basic skills of outlining an essay: identifying your arguments, supplying appropriate evidence, and explaining how the two relate. To make this process go more smoothly, skilled writers use quote weaving so their readers don’t get lost jumping from one piece of evidence to another.

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Quote Weaving and You!

This video describes the process of creating effective commentary for expository writing. Techniques for writing effective context phrases, and dialogue phrases are discussed, and an explanation of the value of effective quote weaving is offered.

Quote Weaving Note Sheet

This file has a space and a guide for taking notes while viewing the Quote Weaving and You! video.

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