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Author: Evan Saathoff

This lesson teaches how to quote outside sources with clarity and style.

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  • In-Text Citation

    Sources used or cited in an essay through quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing, so-called because they appear within the text of the essay itself (as opposed to in footnotes or on a references page).

  • Parenthetical Reference

    Specific bibliographic data, contained in parentheses at the end of in-text citations.

  • Quotation

    In an essay, a quotation is text taken directly from a source, indicated by the use of quotation marks before and after the text in question and followed by a parenthetical reference.

  • Signal Phrase

    Words that indicate that a quote is about to follow, provide insight into the value of the quote in context of your essay, and/or state the author or title of the source.