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R R P & A: An ACTIVE Reading Strategy

R R P & A: An ACTIVE Reading Strategy

Author: Sky Gerdel

Students will learn the components of the R R P & A Reading Strategy, and how to properly utilize the strategy to analyze a piece of writing in order to be successful in answering questions related to the text.

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R R P & A Reading Strategy - PDF file

Feel free to reference this PDF of our R R P & A Reading Strategy.
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Source: Sky Gerdel

R R P & A Reading Strategy Lesson

R R P & A (Read Re-Read Prove and Answer) is a reading strategy that has been adapted and developed over many years in diverse classrooms from 4th grade to 8th grade, however it has been shared with students from 1st grade through college. It works with any subject where a student is expected to comprehend, analyze, apply, or infer information from a written piece. This brief tutorial will demonstrate how to properly utilize the strategy.

Source: Educreations - Sky Gerdel