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Race You to ???

Race You to ???

Author: Jody Johnson

The learner will reinforce skip counting skills.

This is a quick review activity that can be used anytime you need a "filler" activity.

It can be adapted for multiple grade levels. 


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Race You to ???

Race You to ???


Materials:  beanbags, koosh balls, or some other type of small soft object.  Each table will need 1.


This is a quick review activity that can be used anytime you need a "filler" activity.  


Each table has 1 beanbag.  The first person that is holding the beanbag starts the game.  Player #1 at each table begins by saying 10, player #2 says 20, the beanbag is passed around to each person at the table until the game ends at 100.   The last person to have the bean stands up and says 100; that table wins.






Skip Count by 2's:  Starting with 2 ending at 20.

Skip Count by 2's:  Starting with 38 ending at 56.

Skip Count by 2's backwards:  Starting with 98 ending at 60.

Skip Count by 3's:  Starting with 3 ending at 30.

Skip Count by 3's:  Starting with 60 ending at 33.

Skip Count by 5's, 10's forwards and backwards.

Skip Count by 10's backwards:  Starting with 72 ending at 22.

You may want to start out by counting 1-10.