Random & Probability Sampling
Common Core: 7.SP.1

Random & Probability Sampling

Author: Isaiah Steinke

This lesson explains what random sampling is and why it's used.

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Notes: Random & Probability Sampling


(0:00 – 0:29) Introduction; What is a random sample?

(0:30 – 1:19) Random vs. haphazard selection

(1:20 – 1:52) Why do we use random selection?

(1:53 – 2:38) Are random samples always representative?

(2:39 – 2:54) Recap

  • Random Sample

    A sample that has been selected in a manner where every member of the population has some predetermined chance of being selected for the sample

  • Random Selection

    The method of obtaining a random sample

  • Probability Sampling Plan

    The way to collect a random sample that guarantees a certain likelihood for each member of the population to be selected