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Ranorex Test Automation Online Training by Glory IT Technologies

Ranorex Test Automation Online Training by Glory IT Technologies

Author: Subha Glory

Glory IT Technologies Offering RANOREX Test Automation Online Training. We have the real time working professional to teach our students on RANOREX. Ranorex is among the top 5 Automation testing tools for mobiles. The demand for Ranorex certified personnel is rising in the recruitment market as Ranorex covers desktop and mobile apps. Ranorex has been created in a systematic approach which will benefit the participants as they need not spend hours to understand the underlying concepts.The wrapper itself provides an easy access to almost everything needed to create test

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Reasons to attend Ranorex test automation training:

1. Explore the power and capabilities of the Ranorex Test Automation Suite.

2. Discover how easily manual tests can be turned into repeatable automated tests.

3. Create self-validating tests.

4. Use the same test automation techniques for desktop, web, and mobile tests.

5. Create tests for even the most complex user interfaces.

6. Build tests that are resilient in the face of software changes.

7. Create test suites that can be run independently as part of build and continuous integration processes.

8. Generate reports that present your test status at a glance.

9. Use your time savings to build more powerful tests that find more difficult bugs.

10.Make the test development process more challenging and more fun!