Rate of Change Shown by Slope Dude

Rate of Change Shown by Slope Dude


Find rates of change and slopes.

Relate a constant rate of change to the slope of a line.

A rate of change is a ratio that compares the amount of change in a dependent variable to the amount of change in an independent variable.

If all of the connected segments have the same rate of change, then they all have the same steepness and together form a straight line. The constant rate of change of a line is called the slope of the line.

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Rate of Change Slope Holt

Rate of Change / Slope warm-up and lesson from Holt textbook.

Source: Holt

Slope Formative Pop Quiz - Edmodo assignment

Find the slope from the following table, graph, and two coordinates (modified curriculum). Place your answers in to your Edmodo to Ms. D’Aversa

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Slope Dude (borrowed with permission)

Slope Dude shows students the positive and negative of slope using snow skiing.

Source: WEBSITE: http://www.teachertube.com http//www.gdawgenterprises.com youtube.comSpecial thanks to Ken