Rational Expressions (Alg II Chap. 8)

Rational Expressions (Alg II Chap. 8)

Author: Zach Cresswell
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Inverse and Joint Variation

This video lines up with sect. 8.1 of our book that talks about inverse and joint variation.

Finding Vertical Asymptotes

This video lines up with sect 8.2 and 8.3 of our book. With the use of graphing calculators the physical graphing of functions is not that difficult, but we need to be able to determine the location of asymptotes and holes analytically. That is the focus of this video.

Simplify, multiply and divide rational expressions

This can be a tricky topic. Be sure to ask for help if you're struggling and take good, clear notes. It also might be a good idea to watch the video again for review.

Adding and subtracting Rational Expressions

This video covers adding and subtracting of rational expressions.

Solve Rational equations

In this video all the tools you've learned are put together to solve rational equations.