Rational Functions and Their Graphs

Rational Functions and Their Graphs

Author: Jean Gibson

1.  Identify and evaluate rational functions

2.  Graph a rational function and

  • find its domain
  • write equation for its asymptotes
  • identify any holes in its graph

Students will be given the definition of a rational function as the quotient of two polynomials.  The definition of a polynomial will be reviewed.  Students will then be given examples of functions that are not rational and will explain why.  The general definition of domain will be reviewed.  One example will be worked where students have to find the domain of a rational function.  Definitions of vertical and horizontal asymptotes will be explained.  Examples will be worked where students find vertical and horizontal asymptotes for rational functions.  An explanation will be given of when holes in the graph occur, and the final definition given will be for zeros of the graph of a rational function. 

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Algebra 2 - Lesson 8.2 - Rational Functions

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