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Ratios and Proportions

Ratios and Proportions

Author: James Carlson

This is to explain what a ratio is (a rational number) and what proportions are.

I went over what a ratio is, and what it looks like, the parts, etc.
I went over proportions and what they have to do with ratios and what they look like, etc.

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Ratios and Proportions Run Through

I know I spelled it "ration" in the video instead of "ratio." Plz forgive me.

**Also as a note:

-You can never have a ratio that is "x/0" because it is impossible to divide something by 0.

-Don't use irrational numbers in your ratios (numbers that have values after the decimal that continue infinitely and don't repeat)
-Use rational numbers (these include integers and a number that repeats after the decimal like 1/3 which is 0.333333~)

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