Re-elect a Roman Emperor

Re-elect a Roman Emperor

Author: Sarah Rocquin

Washington State Learning Standards Met:

5.2.1 Creates and uses research questions to guide inquiry on an issue or event.

5.4.2 Creates works cited page using an appropriate format.

4.2.1 Understands and analyzes how individuals have shaped world history.

4.3.1 Analyzes and interprets historical materials from a variety of perspectives in world history.

Create a 30-60 second campaign ad extolling the virtues of your emperor. Try to convince your viewing audience that he is a good man who (if they could vote) should be chosen as the leader of Rome again. You can narrate your movie or simply write the information down as a visual image and then use theme music. Your movie should include the following:

  • At least 4 different images
  • Emperor's name
  • Campaign slogan for the emperor
  • Year of campaign (one of the years he ruled)
  • At least 4 significant accomplishments or traits that should make people vote for him. The more detail you can add here the better!
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Storyboard Template

Here is a template you can use to plan out your video.

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These are the expectations for the project.

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Example Campaign Ad

This is an example of what your final product should look like.