Re-teaching Summary (Unit 1 concept 6)

Re-teaching Summary (Unit 1 concept 6)

Author: Nichole Carter

At the end of this tutorial you should feel better about retaking your summary proficiency.

Read the nonfiction piece, highlight and annotate, and then fill out the summary planner (including the "Name it, Verb it, Big Picture" and Jot Dots. Using the planner write out the entire paragraph remembering all the components of a paragraph and a proper summary.

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1. Sign into Sophia.
2. Watch the video and take notes.
3. Fill out the Digital WSQ below.
4. When you are done watching this video set up a time with Mrs. Carter to re-take your summary proficiency. You decide which attempt (1 or 2) you would like to re-work.

Video file instead of youtube for tonight's homework!

Source: Created by Nichole Carter

Re-Teaching Summary

Digital WSQ