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Reaction Mechanisms

Reaction Mechanisms

Author: carolyn fruin

Learning Targets:

  • I can explain that a reaction often occurs in several “elementary steps” that often involve only two particles at a time.
  • I can combine the elementary steps in a mechanism to identify the overall reaction, the intermediates, and a catalyst.
  • I can state that the slowest step in a mechanism is called the “rate determining step” and is linked to the rate law.
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Textbook Reading - Reaction Pathways

This reading covers reaction pathways and how specific mechanisms are experimentally determined.



Power Point - Reaction Mechanisms

Describes a reaction pathway and how this are determined from a series of elementary steps.

Reaction Mechanisms

A brief description of reaction mechanisms including an example of elementary steps. An easy definition of uni and bimolecular reactions is also included.

Source: chemistNATE youtube channel