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Reaction Prediction iPad Class Activity

Reaction Prediction iPad Class Activity

Author: Lacey Moss

Engage students to learn reaction prediction, balancing reactions, ionic compound writing, and covalent compound writing.

Have students collaborate in small groups to learn the material.

Make the material kinesthetic and engaging by bring technology in with the iPads.

Reaction Prediction Group Activity:

Material Needed:

  1. 28 iPads with charges & access to outlets
  2. 28 white boards ( Can be cut from shower board at your local hardware store for ~$15/30 boards)
  3. 28 dry erase markers
  4. 7- Station signs
  5. 7- Station signs that include the website and possible a small amount of instructions
  6. Minimum of 7 erasers for the whiteboards


Set up seven stations around the room. Should read:  "Station 1, Station 2,..etc," and posted them throughout a lab. The lab also makes outlets available in case the power became drained on the iPad throughout the day. Make secondary signs that included the station number and include the web address in case the iPad is not on the correct site when a student arrives to the lab station or if internet goes down (This was very helpful!).

Set out 4-iPads, 4-whiteboards, and some type of eraser at each station. The iPads, with the help of student assistants, or using your first block class will locate the website specified for that station and bookmark it. The whiteboards allow students to work collaboratively and visually while utilizing the iPad.

The seven site that I utilized as well as the notes that I included at each station (click on the links):


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