Readability Indices Math, History, ELA in the Real World

Readability Indices Math, History, ELA in the Real World


Learning Outcomes

1. Students calculate and interpret weighted averages and weighted sums.

2. Students use and calculate indices to understand and compare data.

3. Students make decisions, predictions, and critical judgments based on data and numerical summaries such as weighted averages and weighted sums. 

Prerequisite Skills

• Solving problems involving rational numbers, ratios, percent’s, and proportions in the context of a situation

• Judging the reasonableness of numerical computations and their results

Student Activity Sheet 10: Readability

• Old Ideas: Applying formulas involving ratios

• New Ideas: Applying indices to real-world situations

Key Vocabulary

index (indices), paradox, weighted average, weighted sum


• Graphing calculators or spreadsheet application

• Computer with a projection device that has Microsoft Word installed (optional)

Related Resources

• Internet access for student data research Additional Background


Discuss the problem-solving strategy “Use a similar problem.” The familiar problem of finding a grade average can serve as a prototype for the other problems in this section.

Things to Watch for

To minimize the time required for an activity, monitor how the small groups divide the tasks among group members. Discuss this aspect of small-group work with the class before beginning this work.

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Standards and Objectives

Standards and Objectives for the Unit.

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Learner Objective and Outcomes

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Compare and Contrast- Interactive Discussion

Opening the Lesson
Ask students to read two different passages—the Gettysburg address (provided in the activity) and another from a textbook.

Prerequisite Skills

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Teacher Notes

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Lesson and Material to Model for Whole Group

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Grouping of Students

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Independent Practice

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Presentation Rubrics

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Day 1 Reflection