Reader's Workshop - Unit Two

Reader's Workshop - Unit Two

Author: Kellee Knutson
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  • View both videos in this tutorial and take notes on the Reader's Workshop - Unit Two video (on your Terms List for Unit Two).
  • Take the quiz on the right.

Source: Kellee Knutson

Source: Angela Bennett


  • define character traits, motivation and point of view.
  • differentiate between first-person, third-person limited and third-person omniscient

Source: Kellee Knutson

Wallace and Gromit in "The Wrong Trousers: Cracking Toast!"

View this video before you view my tutorial. You will need to identify Wallace and Gromit's character traits.

BENNETT - U2 Reader's Workshop

Source: Kellee Knutson

KNUTSON - U2 Reader's Workshop

Source: Kellee Knutson


Terms for Unit Two

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