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Reading Friday 4/24

Reading Friday 4/24

Author: Ashley Holst
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Reading Comprehension

  1. Read Cold, Cold, Science on pages 392-394 (A link has been provided below if you don't have your textbook or access to think central.)
  2. Answer the 4 questions below

Vocabulary Workshop

  1. Complete page 115-word associations 


  1. Watch video
  2. Complete Reader's Notebook page 163-164
  3. IXL SS.6 Due Monday

Questions for Cold, Cold, Science

  1. Lesson 13 Story, and Cold, Cold, Science
  2. Using your textbook please answer the following questions either in your notebook, or on a sheet of paper.
  3. What is Palmer Station?
  4. How much of the planet's ice is found in Antarctica?
  5. What is a glacier?
  6. What is an ice shelf?

Modal Verbs

Source: English Resources

Modal verb examples

Source: 7ESL Learning English