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Reading Friday 5/8

Reading Friday 5/8

Author: Ashley Holst
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Project Due Wednesday 5/13

For this project you will be required to create a "pickett" sign on a piece of paper. When people protest against something they do not agree with, a lot of the time, they hold a pickett sign. You are going to create a "sign" on a piece of paper protesting against or for something that you believe strongly about. 

Some example may be against homework, uniforms, green house gases. Or maybe you want to protest for something like recycling, going back to school, equal pay for women in sports, or lowering the voting age. 

I will be attaching a rubric to this lesson so you make sure you have all the requirements for this project. An overview of requirements are:

  1. Name
  2. A centered theme (what are you protesting)
  3. try to make it colorful (points will not be taken off for this)
  4. Does your sign make sense and is your point clear

On the back of your sign, or on a separate sheet of paper, you need to write a paragraph on why you feel strongly about this topic- or why you found the topic interesting enough to choose. 

This project will not be due until Wednesday. We will present them on zoom at 1:30 pm. Students that cannot attend the zoom, are just asked to turn in the assignment by Wednesday. Points will not be taken off for attendance to the zoom.