Reading in content ( The language of Life science) ESL WIDA 4

Reading in content ( The language of Life science) ESL WIDA 4


I can   classify living and non-living things.

I can identify living,living once and non-living things.

After reading about living and non-living things students will be able to identify what is living and non-living in the world around them. Students will also be able to tell whether these things are natural or man-made.

My EL students will understand that living things are alive. All living things can grow and change. Plants, animals, and people are living things. Living things have needs. Plants need air, water, light from the Sun, and space to grow. Animals need air, water, food, and space to live. Animals also need shelter, a safe place to live.

Nonliving things are not alive. They do not grow or change on their own.

Academic Language Focus
• How to identify living and non-living things 
• Features of natural and man-made things 
• Similarities and differences between natural and living things.

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