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Reading Monday 4/20

Reading Monday 4/20

Author: Ashley Holst

Students will begin reading new story

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Entire Story Narrated: Antarctic Journal

Source: TMO Learning Journey


Reading Comprehension

1. Define words on pages 372-373 in your ELA notebook

2. Read Pages 375-379

3. Answer the following questions using your book if needed.

               1. What do you think the purpose of this story is?

              2. After reading the first few pages, how would you describe the author? Use 3     or more adjectives.

              3. So far, do you like the story? Why or why not?                

Vocabulary Unit 11

1. Read the story or listen to it on

2. Complete the blanks on page 110-111


1. Watch tutorial for using commas in a sequence. 

2. Complete the two simple worksheets.

3. Work on IXL skill SS1

Commas in a series tutorial

Source: Lollypond

Monday worksheet

Tuesday worksheet