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Reading Test Prep (OAK's - concept 1)

Reading Test Prep (OAK's - concept 1)

Author: Nichole Carter

Students will be able to:

Read a story and answer multiple choice question about that story. Question will be based on vocabulary, main ideas and supporting details, characterization, inference, style/tone/mood, and denotative/connotative meaning.

Student's will read a short passage and answer quick quiz quesitons. This should take 10 minutes or less as a warm up activity in class. My students do something along these lines: could be context clues or word meaning, graphs and charts, informative text or fiction.

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1. Read story

2. Answer quiz questions

Read the following story and then answer the quiz questions on the right.

Source: ECS Learning Systems, Inc- TAKS MASTER Power Practice, Reading, Grade 8

Read the story answer the questions on the right...

Source: ECS Learning Systems

How did this work for OAK's prep?

I tried doing OAK's prep on Sophia instead of edmodo, how did it turn out?


Does this work better so you have the story and quiz together? Or did you like it the other way better?

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