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Reading Tuesday 4/14

Reading Tuesday 4/14

Author: Ashley Holst

The Dove and the Ant

Genre: Fable

A fable is a short take in which characters learn a lesson about what is right and wrong.

This lesson is called a moral- a moral is the lesson that a character learns from the story.

In this story you will learn a lesson about helping each other.

Standard: RL.4.2-3, RI.4.1

I CAN draw inferences, and describe a character, setting, or event from a story

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The Dove and the Ant

Read pages 428-430 and answer the following questions:

1. How would you describe the Ant and the Dove? Use at least 2 words to describe each.

2. What do you think the Dove mean when he says, "There can never be excess kindness in the world?"

3. Are there any events in this story that happen more than once? If so, please share at least one of them.

4. Draw a comic strip, illustration, write a story, create a "poster",  that teaches any lesson "moral" that you would like. 

Suffixes -able, -ible

When a suffix is added to the end of a root word or base word, it changes the meaning- often the part that is changed is the part of speech of the word.

Both -able and -ible mean "to be able to" or "to be inclined to"

The bag is small and very transportable.

Transportable means- able to be transported.

1. Complete page 171 in RN- adding -able and -ible to a word

Spelling Practice

Continue Long E practice with Readers notebook page 172.

Vocabulary Unit 10

Continue working in vocabulary Unit 10- Tutorial is posted. 

1. Complete filling in the blanks work page