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Reading Week 2014

Reading Week 2014

Author: tracy mollock

Reading Week 2014...... Get Caught Reading


Students will have parents take a picture of them reading in a place that is special to them, and send it me.  I will then put it into a video for the school to watch, in celebration of reading week.

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Reading Week

Happy Reading Week
Your “Flipped Work”
1. All you need to do is go to:
2. In the search box, type in: Warwick Neck (in search area on
3. You should see a tutorial called:
Reading Week 2014
4. Watch the video
5. You will be given an assignment!
Text your picture to:
404-500-6325 or 404-500-NECK
Or email it to
• Please leave your name and grade by April 11, 2014.
• If you do not have access to a computer, tablet, smart phone, or laptop, and are unable to watch this video, please let us know.

Reading Week

Text your picture to:

404-500-6325 or 404-500-NECK

Or email it to: