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Real Time Assessment - INTC Stockton

Real Time Assessment - INTC Stockton

Author: Douglas Harvey

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the value of real-time assessment tools as evidenced by the creation of a lesson which utilizes such tools in the service of student learning.

This tutorial helps you explore the various technology tools and teaching strategies that support real-time assessment of learners.. The links provide you with resources that provide opportunities and examples of how to employ real-time assessment in a classroom..

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Why Real-Time Assessment is Useful

The following articles discuss the pros and cons of using tools that allow you to assess students in real-time - not with pop quizzes or end-of-section tests, but while in the midst of learning activities whether face-to-face or online:

Use the following Padlet wall to post your thoughts about thee pros and cons:

Tools for Real-Time Assessment
•Teacher and student accounts
•Teacher creates a room; students join
•Online or app access
•Create multiple choice or short response questions
•Download reports to Excel file
•Online and accessible from phones

•Can download results as PowerPoint slides or Excel spreadsheets



Other online tools to try:

Online Quizzes

These tools allow  you to make quizzes for students to take online and can be:

•Automatically graded
•Give customized feedback
•Be shared with you for evaluation




Some challenges:
•Hard to use as summative since can’t prove who is taking the quiz
•Mostly uses multiple choice or true/false – hard to auto grade a paragraph or text.
•Need to have access outside class for it to really help

Using Google Forms for Assessment

This video shows how you can create online self-assessments for students using Google Forms. This then lets you gather all the student assessment data into a spreadsheet to help you analyze and use the data to help you in your teaching.

Back Channeling

One way to use real-time assessment tools is for "back channeling". this is a method in which technology is used to allow students to ask questions during class without raising their hands or being called on. This method is also useful for you to gauge the temperature of student engagement and motivation without disrupting your presentation.