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Realidades 2A La Escuela

Realidades 2A La Escuela

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Chapter 2A La escuela Realidades I

Several power points are used to show the basics of conjugating AR verbs and the use of Subject Pronouns


Spanish Vocab Chapter 2A La escuela

Schedule, Ordinal numbers, adjectives that describe classes, subjects

Pg 82 Subject Pronouns Chapter 2A

Subject Pronouns, Yo,tú, él, ella, Usted, nosotros/as, ellos, ellas, Ustedes

Present Tense of AR verbs powerpoint

Verbs endings of AR verbs,

Conjugations Back

Instructional video on how to conjugate AR verbs in Spanish

Source: SrMara Youtube

Señor Jordan AR verbs - Yo

Mr. Jordan discussing how to conjugate AR verbs in the Yo (I) form.

Present tense of AR verbs - tú form (you familiar )

Present tense of AR verbs - él, ella and Ud form (you formal )

Present tense of AR verbs -Nosotros form (we)

Present tense of AR verbs -ellos, ellas, Uds (you plural both familiar and formal)

Present tense of AR verbs -all forms

Pronoun Paradise by Proffa T

Song video to help beginning students in Spanish understand Subject Pronouns

Source: Chupacabras productions Proffa T

Los verbos regulares de AR Powerpoint

Putting Subject Pronouns and AR verbs together and see how they work

Source: unknown

Spanish conjugation of AR verbs Usher remix

Remix of Usher by a 5th year student
Reviews the AR verb conjugation
At the end pictures and song showing the class of 2010

Source: Scott Rossignal Class of 21010