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Realidades III Chapter 5 Trabajo y comunidad

Realidades III Chapter 5 Trabajo y comunidad

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Power point on Vocabulary Chapter 5A III

Vocabulary in Powerpoint for jobs, professions, interviews, activities

Source: Mrs. Shirley's web site

Quizlet - Realidades III AVSR chapter 5

Vocabulary on professions and verbs associated with work

Source: mateeic

Spanish use in the global world ppt

Gives reasons why study Spanish
Population increases
Artists and world wide figures that are from Spanish descent

Source: unknown at this time

Realidades III Chapter 5 Repaso del capítulo/partial vocab from Chapt 4 ¡Ojo!

An overall view of Chapter 5 from Realidades III

Source: Prenticehall Realidades III

¿Qué quieres ser cuando eres adulto?

Child video in which professions are discussed


Las diez profesiones y trabajos mejor pagados en los EEUUF

A video in Spanish showing the top 10 paying jobs in the United States

Source: La revista Forbes

Afirmaciones positivas

Spanish video that has positive affirmations so that you have the courage to after the job you desire.

Source: sipiripister

Spanish Indirect object pronouns ( me,te,le,nos, les)

Video with Senor Jordan discussing and showing how to use indirect object pronouns in Spanish

Spanish lesson present progressive (ing)

Sr Jordan discussing and showing how to conjugate simple verbs into the present progressive.
Estar + ando/iendo/yendo

Spanish lesson placing the Direct object pronouns

Señor Jordan discusses and shows how Direct object pronouns are place in various parts of sentences.

Trabajando - Present Participle with a Lady Gaga style

Source: unknown at this time