Reasons for Colonization

Reasons for Colonization

Author: Dory Mayer

students will be understand the reasons for Colonization by the British

P - political, colonists wanted freedom away from the King and his politics

E - economic, colonists wanted to make more money to provide for their families, to obtain wealth

R - religion, colonists were being persecuted for their religion, wanted to be able to practice freely

S - social, colonists wanted to escape the class system in England

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Part 1

In this tutorial, you will understand the reasons for the colonization of North America by the British

1. Social

2. Economic

3. Political

4. Religious Freedom

New England Colonies

Why were the Puritans in conflict with the Anglican church in England?

Why were the Puritans interested in establishing a colony near Jamestown?

Source: United Streaming

The New England colonies

What was the purpose of the Mayflower Compact?

Why was this document necessary?

How did the colony of Plymouth differ from the English villages they came from?

What was the main concern in Plymouth?

Source: United Streaming

Economyin the New England colonies

Describe the Protestant work ethic.

List the economic activities of the New England colonies.

How did the New England colonists use the geography of the region to live and make money?

Source: United Streaming

Triangular Trade routes

What items did the colonists send to Africa and trade for?

What items did the colonists send to the West Indies?

What did the colonists mainly get from Europe or England?

What was mercantilism and what was it designed to do?

Source: United Streaming