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Reasons Why Proper Seating Leads to Classroom Success

Reasons Why Proper Seating Leads to Classroom Success

Author: Maha Alforihy

This tutorial will explain the reasons why having good seating in the classroom, will force students to be better and instill better communication among professors and students.

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1. Better Seating Equals Less Cheating

When the seating is centered around the professor, the students will be less inclined to cheat. When the professor is seated in the room where he or she can see all of the students in a few brief moments, the students will realize that they cant cheat. This will force them to study harder and do better on the exams.

2. Better Seating Encourages More Communication

When students are seated in a manner that there is space to focus on the professor, it will put the students in a position where they can communicate with each other better. If the student needs to stand up to speak, they can hold the attention of all the students at the same time.

3. Better Seating Makes It Easier to Maneuver

When the seating spaces are more open, students and the professor will be able to get through the classroom better. That will cause less disturbances when students have to leave the class, or when they arrive later than scheduled. In addition, people that like to move around when presenting will have the space to do so.

4. Better Seating Equals Less Distractions

When there is better seating in the classroom, students are pressured into paying attention. When they are in the spotlight, they will be less inclined to use their phones to send text messages, have side discussions related to issues outside of the classroom, and draw or sketch in their notebooks, without calling on the attention of the professor.

5. Better Seating Leads to Increased Overall Performance

When the seating in the classroom is better, the students will perform to the best of their abilities. The seating situation will put more pressure on them to perform better. It will also place them in a more open environment, and make room for them to increase their productivity, potentiality and creativity.