Recombinant DNA

Recombinant DNA

Author: Allyson Dunn
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Chapter 13 (pgs.345-346)


Recombinant DNA:

Genetically engineered DNA made by ____________________ of DNA from different organisms.

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A.      Forming recombinant DNA:

1)      Take “gene of interest” from one organism and__________ into the ____________of the organism you wish to alter.

2)      ______________ an unwanted gene from an organism.


Transgenic Organism/Genetically Modified Organism (GMO):

An organism whose __________ material has been ____________ or altered





B.      Forming a transgenic organism

1)      Insert the “gene of interest” by using a ___________.

2)      Two types of vectors: ________ vector and bacterial _____________.




C.      Using bacterial plasmids to form Recombinant DNA

1)      Remove plasmid from a bacterial cell


The plasmid is cut using _____________________.


·         ______  ______ form at both ends of the plasmid.





3)      The ______ ___ ________ (transgene) is removed from

the cell by restrictions enzymes.                                                                                                            


·         Sticky ends form at both ends

of the ____________.







The transgene is attached to the plasmid


 at the sticky ends by the use of the enzyme _________.









5)      The recombinant DNA plasmid is inserted into

a _____ ___________ cell which replicates and

expressed the new gene.




In your own words describe recombinant DNA







What does GMO stand for?






In your own words describe what a GMO is?







What enzyme connects the transgene with the bactierial plasmid?







What are sticky ends?








What enzyme cuts DNA at specific sequences?