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Recount Writing for Effective Reflection

Recount Writing for Effective Reflection


to express clearly in writing, an activity that has already happened

to write a three paragraph blog post reflecting in detail on past learning

You are going to build on your last recount blog about the peer assessment work with Grade 2. Using the peer and teacher feedback on your blog you will improve on your recount writing. You will watch the video tutorial for homework and complete the Google Form. Once you come to class, you will use the frame and be supported to plan and draft a three paragraph recount. You will peer and self check the draft then review with close reference to the Blog Post Rubric before publishing your final draft to your blog. 

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To be successful in this learning you must be able to do the following:

Source: Holly Fairbrother


Watch the video explaining recount writing. You can watch it as many times as you need to to understand.

Complete the form once you think you get it :)

Recount Writing: How to...

Source: Holly Fairbrother 2013

Recount Writing

Complete the form once you have done the learning from the tutorial video


In class, we wil use this frame to plan and draft a three paragraph recount of Phase 2 of the project. Once you have had it checked, you will publish it as a blog post. Refere closely to the Blog Post rubric to ensure you are successful.


Source: Holly Fairbrother 2013