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Author: Araceli Bravo

CA Curriculum Standard/IEP Goals/etc.: Health Education Content Standards for California Public Schools: Kindergarten 1.5.P Students will identify practices that are good for the environment such as, turning off lights and water, recycling and picking up trash. Adapted for 3rd grade. 

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What is Recycling?

When you recycle, you use old material to make something new! 

What Can You Recycle?

Look at the bulleted list on this webpage to see what things can be recycled. 

What Cannot be Recycled?

Here are some things we may think should be recycled, but cannot be. 

Peppa Pig Recycles!

Peppa learns the different ways to recycle.

Recycle Game!

Play this game to see if you can determine which items are to be recycled and which ones are trash!


In case you were absent or need review!


On a piece of lined paper write 3 sentences about why it is important to recycle. Give specific examples! Turn it into class tomorrow morning!