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Reduce Work Stress Naturally

Reduce Work Stress Naturally

Author: Jonathan Byrgen

Work stress can deteriorate the quality of your daily life terribly. It can affect your health, your state of mind, personal relations, sleep and your daily routine. Moreover, work stress can also reduce your level of production and efficiency. Here are some tips to help you relieve stress naturally. But if you want change work our collection medical professional resumes helps you get new work. A smile on face is a best exercise for face muscles, a laugh is best for heart and hypertension it’s said by doctors. But smile and laugh can be made while working when there will be any joke or humor on working place. In my opinion a good joke that makes you laugh makes you relax in workplace.


1. Instead of taking one long break, take frequent breaks during the day. Take deep breaths during your breaks, inhaling slowly, filling your lungs with air. Exhale slowly to relax, you will feel fresh.

2. Do some exercise regularly to get rid of the lactic and uric acids inside your body. According to experts, at least thirty minutes of activity every day is necessary to reduce stress.

3. Reduce your intake of caffeine. Whether it is in coffee, tea, or soda, caffeine can worsen your stress, keeping you from sleeping.

4. Maintain a regular time to go to bed in order to get enough sleep. Sleep reduces stress the most. Try to relax before sleeping by taking a hot bath or drink a glass of milk.

5. if you don’t have any other major health problem, then take some dietary supplements to reduce stress levels. You can consult your doctor before using them. These include:

Vitamin B6 and B12.

Taking multivitamins daily.
Kava kava, which is a herb that helps reduce anxiety and insomnia. however, avoid taking kava if you drink alcohol or are taking Valium, or any other anti-depressants.
Valerian, which is a natural sedative that helps you to sleep, but isn’t addictive. Don’t use Valerian if you already take sedatives.

But the jokes on workplace can effect backward also I mean if a joke is misunderstood then there is possibility other will take it as insult so results wont be good for that. That’s why its necessary for us working on place where diverse workforce is working to be careful while making any joke or humor.
Place where diverse workforce is working one should have to see that the thing which will be a joke for him for other community or country person it can be an insulting thing. That’s why the places or companies where different country people work under one roof, one should have to see about that.

There is a saying that laughter is a good medicine, and that true also all cultures enjoy humor and laughter but how people perceive humor is culture specific. The cultural diversity in the workplace is increasing and before making any humor or joke we should have to look that humor is meant to be funny not insulting.
More sensitive thing on diverse culture workplace is that what perceived funny in one culture might not be understood or might even be insulting in another culture.

In some culture sarcastic words are used in conversation to tease each other. On other side in some cultures such type of humor is taken as offense. So in diverse gathering a joke can broke fire.

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