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References and Resources

References and Resources

Author: Thieme Bittick

References and resources for content provided in this Survival Guide are provided for further review.

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Edutopia: The Edutopia site, funded by George Lucas Educational Foundations, offers a wealth of materials for educators, administrators, parents, and students. This link takes you to the "Flipped-Learning Toolkit: Overcoming Common Hurdles" article by John Bergman and Aaron Sams. While there, explore other plentiful articles on the site about flipping your classroom.

Flipped Learning Community An online community of flipped learning education professionals who share knowledge, resources, and ideas about incorporating the flipped classroom module into education. 

Flipped Learning Network: This is the community resource site of the Flipped Learning Network. It contains scholarly research and reports on flipped learning, articles targeted to specific academic subjects, advice on how to get started flipping your classroom, and links to tutorials on YouTube.

ISTE Standards: An advocacy group that sets educational technology standards.

Promoting Creativity:  Read this enlightening article on "30 Things You Can Do to Promote Creativity" from InformEd.


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