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Reflect on PLCs

Reflect on PLCs

Author: Trisha Fyfe

In this lesson, you will reflect on how a PLC influence teacher effectiveness and student performance.

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Notes on “Reflect on PLCs”


(00:00- 00:30) Intro/Objectives

(00:31- 00:56) What are PLCs?

(00:57- 01:08) Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model and PLCs  

(01:09- 01:48) Marzano’s Domain 4, Element 1

(01:49- 02:13) Marzano’s Domain 4, Element 2

(02:14- 02:45) Marzano’s Domain 4, Element 3

(02:46- 03:13) Marzano’s Domain 4, Element 4

(03:14- 03:41) Marzano’s Domain 4, Element 5

(03:42- 04:09) Marzano’s Domain 4, Element 6

(04:10- 04:43) Recap

(04:44- 05:28) Reflection    

Additional Resources

Reflection- Working in a Professional Learning Community Team

This article from the University of Michigan-Dearborn details a teacher's experience and reflections as part of a Professional Learning Community team.

Reflective Practices in Professional Learning Communities: A Case Study of the Missouri Professional Learning Communities Project

The findings of this study by Mary Ann Burns indicate that there is a relationship between the reflective practice and the success of meeting the goals of the PLC.

Nuts and Bolts of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs): How PLCs Support CCSS Implementation

This is a comprehensive presentation from Santa Fe Public Schools on PLCs. Click on slide 82 to see a PLC log used for teams to reflect on their progress and plan their next steps. The slides adjoining this log demonstrate how to complete the log and engage in the team reflective practice.