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2 Tutorials that teach Reflect on Standards Based Assessment and Grading
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Reflect on Standards Based Assessment and Grading

Reflect on Standards Based Assessment and Grading


In this lesson you will reflect on how standards based and proficiency will impact instructional practices and student learning

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Reflect on Standards Based Assessment & Grading

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Notes on "Reflecting on Standards Based Assessment & Grading"

(00:00-00:50) Intro

(00:51-01:12) Objectives

(01:13-01:37) Review Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Framework

(01:38-02:35) Pedagogical Strengths & Weaknesses

(02:36-03:40) Effectiveness of Lessons & Units

(03:41-04:46) Effectiveness of Strategies & Behaviors

(04:47-05:09) Review

(05:10-06:14) Reflection

Additional Resources

Reflections on Classroom Formative Assessments & Standards-Based Grading

This presentation by Deb Pickering and Bea McGarvey stresses the 3 Fs: Formative, Feedback and Flexible aspects in designing and implementing instruction. In addition, this presentation offers a quick review of formative assessment practices, proficiency scales, focused feedback and best practice grading strategies. The 3Fs can serve as a useful framework when reflecting on your standards based practices in the classroom.


Teacher Self-Assessment Guide

NY State Department of Education Handbook on evaluation that connects Marzano's framework with reflective practices and activities for teachers designed to improve practices. This tool provides teachers with questions to evaluate their own practices as a teacher. Although the tool may seem long and cumbersome, the reflection components can be broken down. For example, if you were focusing on building a culture of thinking and learning in your classroom, you could just use the reflection section provided in dimension 4. You might also consider having a peer reflect on your teaching practices and use the tool to guide their feedback.