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Reflect on Teaching Practices

Reflect on Teaching Practices


In this lesson, you will learn how to use teacher professional standards to reflect on your own standards based instruction planning, development and implementation

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Notes on "Reflect on Teaching Practices"

(00:00-00:30) Intro

(00:31-00:41) Objectives

(00:42-02:11) Sample Lesson Plan Standards

(02:12-04:10) Sample Lesson Plan Learning Outline & Assessments

(04:11-07:20) Reflection Using Danielson Framework

(07:21-09:27) Reflection Using National Board Teacher Standard

(09:28-09:49) Review

(09:50-10:37) Reflection

Additional Resources

3 Questions to Guide Teaching Reflection

In this post from Teaching Channel, Sarah Brown-Wessling emphasizes that successful teachers have empathy, passion and grit. She indicates that successful learners are gritty, intellectually risk takers, and curious. She offers a reflective question for teachers as they evaluate their success and that of their students against these characteristics.

Professional Learning Bundle- Reflecting on Teaching

The HCPSS Teacher Evaluation Model offers strategies to use the Danielson Framework for Reflecting on Teaching Practices.