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Reflecting on and Revising Norms, Goals and Progress

Reflecting on and Revising Norms, Goals and Progress

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, students evaluate the process for reflection and revising norms, goals, and progress.

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Notes on "Reflecting on and Revising Norms, Goals and Progress"

(00:00 - 00:20) Introduction

(00:21 - 02:30) Assessing the Impact of Current Norms

(02:31 - 04:16) Using a Plus/Minus/Delta Chart to Reflect on Norms

(04:17 - 06:49) Revising Norms

(06:50 - 07:24) Stop and Reflect

Additional Resources

Process Tips for Plus/Delta

Montgomery County Public Schools has established this tip sheet for conducting Plus, Minus, Delta. It is a quick and easy overview of the process to follow. Click on the link in order to download the document.

Plus, Minus, Delta
DocStoc offers a blank template for use when conducting a Plus, Minus Delta. Many readily available templates include only the Plus and Delta, but it is important to specifically call out the (-) or what is not working before offering a strategy for change.