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Reflecting on CBE, Mastery and Pacing

Reflecting on CBE, Mastery and Pacing


In this lesson, students will apply the 5 essential learning questions in a reflection on CBE, mastery and pacing.

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Understanding Competency-Based Curriculum

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Reflecting on CBE, Mastery, and Pacing

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Notes on "Reflecting on CBE, Mastery, and Pacing"

(00:00-00:22) Intro

(00:23-00:31) Objectives

(00:32-01:41) 5 Essential Questions for Teachers

(01:42-06:44) Reflection Questions & Examples

(06:45-07:01) Review

(07:02-07:40) Reflection

Additional Resources

Learning Design and Technology: Design for Adult Learning, Teaching and Learning Theory, Feedback

Scroll down to the bottom of this page from Michigan State University to see how to connect pedagogical theories to considerations for reflection and feedback.

Mastery Learning Resources

In this blog post, Laura Candler explains why she values mastery learning and teaching. In addition, she provides resources with links for teachers considering using mastery teaching and learning in their practice. Check out her infographic on the mastery learning model for a quick visual of the process.