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2 Tutorials that teach Reflecting on promoting positive online communities
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Reflecting on promoting positive online communities

Reflecting on promoting positive online communities


In this lesson, you will reflect on ways that you can promote a safe, positive online community with your students.

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Digital Citizenship

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Reflecting on Promoting Positive Online Communities

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Notes on "Reflecting on Promoting Positive Online Communities"

(00:00-00:49) Intro

(00:50-01:29) Objectives

(01:30-03:42) ISTE Standards for Teacher

(03:43-05:50) ISTE Standards for Students

(05:51-09:07) Ways to Reflect on Practices

(09:08-09:30) Review

(09:31-10:12) Reflection

Additional Resources

Reflective Pedagogy: Making Meaning in Experiential Based Online Courses

This research article from The Journal of Online Educators by Kathy L. Guthrie, Florida State University and Holly McCracken, University of Illinois at Springfield explores teaching strategies for use in online learning environments and the significance of reflection in practice. Although the article provides tremendous insights into reflective practices in the 21st century classroom, teachers may find the most benefit from the detailed teaching strategies for reflective practice beginning on page 15.


Digital Citizenship Implementation Plan (resource list)

This website offers resources on Digital Citizenship for educators, elementary students and secondary students in the Lewisville Independent School District. The site provides a framework for educators to consider as they begin to educate parents and students in their school about digital citizenship. Of particular importance is the district built course for teachers, The Bring Your Own Technology Course, on best practices on BYOD devices.