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Reflection: Developing Instruction within LMSs

Reflection: Developing Instruction within LMSs


This lesson provides reflective opportunities for teachers to consider how using an LMS would augment or challenge their teaching and learning.

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Classroom Instruction using an LMS

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Video Transcription

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Hello everyone and welcome. In this lesson we will provide an opportunity for you, the teacher, to reflect on how using a learning management system could benefit or challenge your practice and your learning environment. When we reflect, there are certainly a lot of questions to ask. So let's get started.

The first set of questions are meant to get you thinking about whether or not you are ready to move toward a learning management system. Or, if you haven't already, switching to a different one. Considering what you know about learning management systems, why would you consider moving to or switching to a different one? What features of an LMS are most important to you?

Keep in mind that some features are free and others are not. What does your current communication plan look like? Most LMS's have communication tools embedded. You will want to know how they will work with what you already have in place. Do you have the means to pull together a committee to research different learning management systems? Remember how important it is to include a wide representation of members.

Are you bound by any fiscal restraints? And does your current technology infrastructure support the LMS that you are considering? Once you have made the decision on which learning management system you'll be using, I want you to think about what a move toward that LMS will mean.

This set of questions will help you do that. Considering your school environment, what will be the biggest improvements to moving to an LMS? Considering your school environment, what will be the biggest challenges to moving to an LMS? What training or support will you need in order to move forward with an LMS? This can be both internal training or from customer support.

Will any devices need to be upgraded to support the system? This can also be a financial obstacle. How will you ensure that the learning management system that you chose is being used to its fullest potential?

The last set of questions are related to Robert Marzano's framework for teaching. In particular, the following two elements. Domain 2, Element 5, planning and preparing for the use of available technology, and Domain 3, Element 2, evaluate the effectiveness of individual lessons and units.

How does using a learning management system help you to address these two elements? What supports, if any, will you continue to need in order to use the LMS, and do you know how to access those supports? What features of your learning management system are you using fully, and which are you not utilizing at all? It's very easy to get stuck into habits of using the same tools over and over and neglecting others.

Are lessons in units aligned with the standards? And, are you using the management systems assessments both formatively and summatively to evaluate effectiveness? Here's today's food for thought. Make reflection part of your daily routine by modifying these questions for different situations.

To dive a little deeper and learn how to apply this information, be sure to check out the additional resources section associated with this video. This is where you'll find links targeted toward helping you discover more ways to apply this course material. Thanks for watching. We'll see an next time.

Notes on "Reflection: Developing Instruction within LMSs"

(00:00-00:19) Intro

(00:20-01:12) Set 1: Choosing an LMS

(01:13-01:56) Set 2: Moving to an LMS

(01:57-2:50) Working With an LMS

(02:51-3:14) Food For Thought

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