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2 Tutorials that teach Reflection in Focus: Providing resources and guidance
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Reflection in Focus: Providing resources and guidance

Reflection in Focus: Providing resources and guidance

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, learners will reflect on the specific skill of providing resources and guidance in the flipped classroom.

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Flipping Your Classroom

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Notes on “Reflection in Focus: Providing Resources and Guidance”


(00:00-00:14) Introduction

(00:15-02:17) Marzano and Flipped Learning

(02:18-04:11) Guiding Questions (Homework focus)

(04:12-05:55) Guiding Questions (Classwork focus)

(05:56-06:05) Reflection

(06:06-06:33) Conclusion 

Additional Resources

Reflections on the Flipped Classroom

In this video, educator Paul Anderson (Bozeman Science) reflects on the flipped classroom in his instruction. He provides insights into various concerns such as equity and oversimplifications, but is compelled by the ability to engage students as active learners who work toward mastery through productive struggle. He stresses that technology and flipped lessons make this a possibility. He lets teachers know that flipping his classroom has been one of the most challenging things he has done.

New York State Department of Education Handbook on Teacher Self-Evaluation 

This tool is aligned to UbD and Marzano's framework and mirrors the lessons taught in this comp/concept. There is a template in each dimension that asks you a series of questions that allows you to reflect on your own instructional practices. You may choose to use these domain reflection sheets in your reflective practices.